Monday, 20 February 2017

History of PHP

PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP firstly known as Presonal Homepage. After he is renamed as Hypertext Pre-processor now this named is very famous. Originally created and implemented by Rusmus lerdorf in 1994. Rusmus lerdorf implemented PHP 1.0 to find out how many companies accessing his resume through online. He used 'c' and 'perl' technologies for this implementation. PHP is a server side scripting language which is designed with the combination of 2 - technologies (1.c and 2.perl) for web development. PHP code embedded with HTML, HTML5.0 and HTML5.1. Using PHP we can developed a Interactive and dynamic websites and web application. Using PHP we cannot developed a desktop application.


  • PHP is open Source
  • Cross Platform: PHP is platform independent because php will works on any operating system. Example - window, Linux, UNIX, mac operating system.
  • Cross Server: It can run under different types of web server, like IIS, Apache, Tomcat etc.
  • Cross Database: It support any type of Database server eg- MySQL, oracle, sqlserver, Microsoft-access.
  • PHP supports different types of content management software like JOOMLA, DRUPAL, WordPress etc. All CMS (content management system) software are open source software.
  • PHP will works on any web browser. Example - Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer.
  • PHP providing number of security to apply on web application like 1-way encryption, 2-way encryption, Authentication etc.
  • PHP will give you better performance and fast execution because php will containing Zend Engine.
  • PHP supporting different types of editors to develop program. We can also use lightweight editors (Notepad, Editplus etc.)
  • PHP is interact with several IDE's eg- NetBeans, Eclipse, Zend studio, cloud9.


  • PHP will give you less security compare to jsp and
  • PHP is not a strongly type language because it does not support datatype.
  • PHP will support weak exception handling.

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